Our Customers Come First

At Mount Vernon Chemicals, LLC, our mission is to serve our customers by providing superior products to meet their chemical needs, exceptional technical support and resourceful innovations through our continuing search for the best solutions to their problems.

With Apollo, FCI and PhilChem, we have over 98 years in manufacturing and marketing in the  chemicals industry. Over the years we have enlarged our manufacturing capabilities and expanded nationally and internationally.  We’re growing and improving each year and applying efficient business practices throughout our business every day.  Mount Vernon Chemical’s sales, marketing and customer service staff is dedicated to using our manufacturing facilities and our R&D, Technical Service and Quality Control laboratories to achieve our goal of providing our customers with a world-class competitive advantage.

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Custom blending
  • Esterifications
  • Amidations
  • Polymerizations
  • Phosphations                                      
  • Phenolic condensations                    
  • Transesterifications
  • High-pressure emulsifications
  • Atmospheric emulsifications            
  • DCY- Formaldehyde condensations
  • High-pressure homogenization        
  • Neutralizations                    
  • Liquid-size blending
  • Polyethylene emulsifications            
  • High-viscosity high-shear mixing     


Apollo Chemical is located in Burlington, North Carolina.  Convenient to a major southeast interstate highway (I-85), this access allows rapid response to ordering needs. Apollo Chemical also has a location in San Pedro Sula, Honduras supporting our Central and South America business. FCI Technology has two sites. The Sales Office is located in Gastonia, NC and the plant is located in Ware Shoals, SC. PhilChem is located in Greer, SC.  Mount Vernon Mills owns a trucking line, Smith & Waters Trucking, which is within 2 miles of our Ware Shoals plant allowing for rapid pick ups for delivery.

The plants in Burlington and Greer are ISO-9001 registered. Ware Shoals, SC is not ISO registered, but is ISO compliant. The plants are equipped with stainless steel blending vessels with capacities ranging from 3 drum quantities to 100 drum quantities. Most of the vessels are jacketed with the capability for heating and/or cooling and many are equipped with load cells and variable speed drive motors.

Quality parameters are monitored through our Quality Control Labs which are staffed with trained personnel and equipped with modern equipment. All locations are staffed and supported with experienced chemists, technicians and chemical operators to maintain all phases of the chemical development and manufacturing processes. Our quality control groups are committed to continuously meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.

We are dedicated to providing products that help our customers improve their products and processes. From developing superior laboratory systems and innovating R & D solutions, to enlarging our manufacturing capabilities in order to better serve our customers in the chemical industry, we're growing and improving from day to day. Being one of the industry's leading innovators isn't just good for us; it's good for our customers. We're proud to be exceeding our customers' needs and expectations.

You see, it's not how long we've been doing business that's so important; it's what we've been doing with our time that counts!

Our customer service departments are ready to take your call and put you into contact with one of our technical representatives. If you are looking for quality products for formulating into your own products or you need someone to manufacture a particular product, we are available. If your needs are for a company that will help you develop, manufacture, package and deliver a product  with your packaging and labeling, we have the capabilities to meet your requirements.